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Staff Spotlight: Susie Garcia

Meet Susie Garcia (she/hers), Operations Manager at LA Commons! Susie is from Inglewood, California and has been working at LA Commons for two years.

What brought you to LA Commons?

The pandemic! It was a time of realization for me. I wanted to do something more impactful in my community.

What has been your favorite part about working at LA Commons?

Working with like-minded people. Being in an environment where everyone has common goals, interests, morals, and values makes work, not feel like work.

Do you do anything outside of work? If so, please describe!

I am a mom, I have a one year old (Lluvia) and 3 dogs (Bugatti 6, Kitana 3, Beretta 2) that occupy my time. My partner and I do the most to take them on adventures as often as we can.

LA Commons mission is to "engage communities in the creation of public art that tells their unique stories and serves as the basis for dialogue, interaction, and a shared understanding of Los Angeles."

What meaning does this statement have for you personally?

My partner Jorge is a designer and muralist. I spent about 7 years with him at the Slauson train tracks, in South Central, watching him paint wall after wall. This was my introduction to public art. He asked business owners for permission and built relationships that we hold ‘til this day. The neighborhood would come out and offer us food and drinks while exchanging stories, memories, music. His murals reflected these interactions, he even had one wall that was dedicated to thos

e loved ones lost. The neighborhood not only respected his work, but they thanked him for preserving their stories. That community holds a special place in our hearts. It has since become property of Metro and all I hope is that they continue to listen to them.

Where's your favorite spot in LA? Why?

The Marina. We have a trail where we can let our dogs loose and they just get to go wild. I love seeing them so free. In the summer, they even jump into the water for a swim. We've been going there for years and we get to take our daughter now too which makes it much more special. It amazes me how close to home it is!

What are you listening to/watching/reading right now?

Lately I've been listening to Curren$y's instrumentals.

We’re so happy to have Susie on the LA Commons team. Look out for future upcoming staff spotlights to meet our other team members!

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