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A beautiful temporary forest of oak trees came to life in Grand Park adorned with artist designed symbols, templated for people across LA to share their vision for our city - an example of the ways we collaborate with institutions like the Music Center of LA County to foster deep community engagement and bring public spaces alive.  Not only working with flagship arts & culture organizations, but also across sectors, we further the ability of major organizations to lift up the stories and voices of diverse community members, offering a unique pathway for investing in youth and artists throughout LA.

Past Partners

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On the Record Vinyl Fair in Partnership with AQMNI

Picture audience members painting their visions on recycled vinyl records, making their own instruments or constructing a mask.  We train and collaborate with local teaching artists and youth to bring engaging workshops to festivals and community events throughout Los Angeles. 


We ARe Here in partnership with TMC Arts

Activities are designed to weave in place-based storytelling, creative expression, and cultural connection and often include interactive installation pieces and inspring materials.


To book us for your next event or gathering, email


To apply to be a festival artist, visit our artist opportunities page. 

Past Partnership Projects include:

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