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Neighborhood Story


Our Neighborhood Story Connection  projects are developed by artists and local youth 15 - 25, building social capital and creating public artworks that illuminate local community culture, history and a vision of the future. The program specifically provides in-depth educational experiences and paid apprenticeships for Central and South LA youth each year, leveraging the power of art to further their artistic and leadership skills.


Neighborhood Story Connection creates a space where stories and voices are heard and then transformed into public art that educates, empowers and enriches Los Angeles. Our core audiences are youth, artists and community residents of all ages.


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Skid row
l jeff mural

As part of a mural project to honor of activist Jeff Page, aka “General Jeff,” Skid Row community members came together share stories about him and their connection to their neighborhood.

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expo park
Sustainability Cycles

For several years, in collaboration with USC’s Good Neighbors Program, Office of Local Government Relations and architecture students, our art teams have engaged the community in an exploration of sustainability through the creation of murals dedicated to this topic.

mcarthur park
uplifting immigrant voices

The site of our first project, the people in this community continue to inspire the creation of artwork that shares the voices of some of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations.

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