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Imagine teenagers re-exploring the history, the landscape and the people in their own neighborhoods and creating dynamic art to reflect and animate their neighborhoods. 


LA Commons engages teams of professional artists and youth artists ages 15 - 25 to collect neighborhood stories as inspiration to create temporary works of public art. These art installations amplify the collected stories, beautify the built environment, and inspire community members. 


Each project begins with a meeting of neighborhood stakeholders who identify sites, resources, and neighborhood issues that could be addressed through a community arts project. 


The art team is gathered through local schools, community centers, and community organizations. Youth collect stories through on-street interviews, research, and a neighborhood story gathering events. 


Professional artists and youth collaborate to design and create temporary works of public art such as murals, light pole banners, utility box art, and installations that share the stories and make a strong visual impact in public locations. The work culminates with a community celebration. 

Photo Credit: Sahra Sula

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