Papel Picado Banners

2014 MacArthur Park Art Project

Participating Artists: Alfonso Aceves, Shejan Ledezma, Adrian Guerrero, Angela Bisco, Armando Larios, Claudia Zavala, Erick Alvirde, Fernando Reyes, George Toc, Ixchel Whitley, Jayra Acevedo, Jesus Rodriguez, Josue Morales, Julio Estevez, Mayra Cruz, Nicole Zulca, Patricia Apilado

Program Partners: Mama’s Hot Tamales, CARECEN, Institute for Urban Initiatives, ReDiscover MacArthur Park, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, Office of LA City District 1 Council­man Gilbert Cedillo, Heart of LA, LACMA, Riley Angell, Morgan Mendoza, Bethany Fuchigami, Shejan Ledezma, Devi Ramirez and CARECEN Staff

It is not everyday you see images of the famed “Elotero Man” being assaulted by gangs as well as law enforcement. It’s even less likely that you will see this image portrayed in papel picado style. However, after interviewing hundreds of MacArthur Park residents, our Youth Artists have conducted story gathering events that fueled a need to create images that would speak to MacArthur Park residents. These vivid and raw images of what it is like to live here will hang from trees in the community. The Elotero man’s story will now be viewed by those who live here and have some connection to these struggles and events they all face. With the stories the Youth Artists collected, they have worked hard to create these large scale Papel Picado pieces that focus around the story of MacArthur Park and what it means to live and work here. “Poverty and immigration are two main struggles low-income peo­ple face” writes one of the Youth Artists. This project is a tribute to all of MacArthur Park and it’s residents.

Funding for the program was provided by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, and LA 2050, an initiative of the Goldhirsh Foundation.