November 21, 2010

GlenMary Archway

This mural project has encompassed a scope of all the elements that validate why art is so integral in our lives, in many ways and on various levels. The experience of painting this mural and working with the youth artists and all the generous members of this community has truly been a gift to us all. We watched our students grow and empower themselves, not only as budding artists, but also as members of their community. We witnessed the community engage with us, and contribute to this project. In a way that has made our spirits soar. It is always a rare occasion in which art can touch the heart, when we embarked on this project last year, standing if front of the site, we did not realize the enormity of the challenges. But the energy created by the student’s commitment carried us through it. It has added special meaning after we fond out that the beautiful family and fostered many children, and actually represents the theme of the mural. On a personal level, I believe two things: first, that the Virgin of Guadalupe that sits at the top of the stairway has guided, and intervened for us, and will protect our vulnerable little mural and secondly, that what we did was akin to making a dress without a pattern we dreamer it, designed it, cut out the patter, sewed it together, embellished it with out images, and finally fitted it and had to make adjustments. It was totally amazing to me that we accomplished all this. And I hope that it will bring light and color to this beautiful space in our Highland Park, and that it will be enjoyed everyday as it continues to touch the lives of the people that live here, as it has touched and enriched me. I am grateful to have been able to share the art that we have done here with community, and to be involved with such wonderful young people.

Participating Artists: Pola Lopez, Heriberto Luna, Lino Aguilar, Michelle Aguilar, Cynthia Avila, Cindy Delarosa, Isabel Franco, Francisco Franco, Heather Fuentes, Evany Ibarra, Terri Jackson, Linette Martinez, Jocelyn Rivera, Alex Soto, Yomaira Tapia, Douglas Vasquez, Sam Childs

Project Support provided by: Avenue 50 Studio, The family of Lupe Handy, Arroyo Arts Collective, Highland Park Heritage Trust, Milagro Allegro Community Garden, Farnklin High School, Future Studio and the Office of Council Member Ed Reyes

Special Thanks: Flourish Foundation, the LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs, the Office of Council Member Ed Reyes, and the Highland Park Ebell

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