Expo Center, Lozano

Friday, December 20, 2013

EXPO Center

3980 Bill Robertson Lane,

Los Angeles, CA 90037

Participating Artists: June Edmonds, Aljzana Clayton, Cayeana Middleton, Suzeth Alonso, Edward Ariola, Eric Hare, Gustavo Bautista, Jasmine Enriquez, Leslie Hernandez, Alexander Grizzle, Sahari Escobar, Shanika Reid, Colleen Moreno

Program Partners: : LA Commons, EXPO Center, a City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks facility, Building Healthy Communities South LA, The California Endowment and the USC Good Neighbor Campaign, a giving program that supports university-community partnerships

Project Support provided by: Belinda Jackson, Jessica Grande, David Galaviz, Ghecemy Lopez

Windows To Health

A Mural Project As part of Building Healthy Communities South LA (BHC SoLA), over 650 community members shared their stories and visions of a healthy South LA with over 75 youth artists. The youth artists met weekly for several months with artist mentors to design and create these “Windows to Health” that will be installed at local community centers and schools to signify the incredible things that can happen when communities work together towards a healthy South Los Angeles. Youth artist Rodman Mejia notes “We want people to know that we are not just a bunch of young people who got together to paint, but that we are working for the health of our communities and want to send a message of hope to signify change for better health that our generation wants to be part of making in our community.” Thank you to the artists, youth artists, BHC- SLA, and community members who brought this project to life.

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