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Day of the Ancestors: Festival of Masks Altar

This year LA Commons will be honoring those that have came before us and have paved the way. Honoring our ancestors can make our daily experiences easier through their guidance and wisdom. LA Commons will be hosting an Ancestral Altar every Saturday at our Seeds of the Village Workshops leading up to out JUNE 25th Day of the Ancestors!

                    Honor your ancestors for this year's Festival of Masks Day of the Ancestors.

History of Ancestral Altars 

Ancestral altars are common across many cultures in the world. Anyone can create an altar without being religious or spiritual. Altars are a sacred space to honor and pay homage to your ancestors spiritually, often serving as a form of gratitude. 


In Mexico, people create an ofrenda, or altar, to remember loved ones on Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead that is in the beginning of November. In many Buddhist traditions and African religions, altars have a permanent space in the household so people can honor the dead not just once a year but every day. Items placed in an altar are typically objects that remind and/or represent our ancestor including heirlooms, photos, candles, food offerings and flowers.

Interested in Participating?

 Directions for Altar

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