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Creating Our Next LA

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This work is part of Art Rise, a series of over fifteen outdoor art installations across five Los Angeles neighborhoods, produced in collaboration with museums, cultural institutions and artists, and commissioned especially for WE RISE - an initiative of the the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health that encourages wellbeing and healing through art, connection, community engagement, and creative expression. For more information and to see a complete Art Rise map, please visit werise.la

We designed an exhibit that specifically focuses on South LA, which has been ground zero for the health disparities that are at the heart of the inequitable impact of the coronavirus pandemic and a primary site of ongoing trauma in LA County. In the community of Exposition Park, Hyde Park, Leimert Park, and Willowbrook, we are making visible the power of art of expression connection and community by tapping into the creativity of artists and their ability to spark community conservations. 


Exposition Park


Dominique Moody

Amani Holbert

S. Pearl Sharp 

Halline Overby

Exhibit is now closed

Exposition Park

California African American Museum 

On Figueroa Fence


600 State Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90037

Hyde Park

Hank's Mini Market

3301 W. Florence Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90043

Leimert Park

People's Street 

Intersection of Degnan and 43rd. Place


4395 Leimert Blvd. 

Los Angeles, CA 90008


Willowbrook Walking Path


1339 E. 120th St. 

Los Angeles, CA 90059


Dominique Moody, Lead Artist


Dominique Moody is a visual artist whose collage, mixed media, assemblage sculptures and installations are layered with personal and social narratives that reflect her African Diaspora, nomadic, cultural experience. Throughout her life Moody has practiced the art of visual storytelling which continues to evolve. She is currently located in Los Angeles, with her mobile art dwelling the "Nomad", creating and being at home in the world.


Instagram: @artistnomad46

Facebook: Dominique Moody

Tumblr: the nomad 


S. Pearl Sharp, Poet


S. Pearl Sharp illuminates and instigates as filmmaker, essayist, poet, playwright, storyteller, and creativity coach. Her documentary film, The Healing Passage/Voices from the Water, has been used to support mental health projects in the community. Her essays and commentaries have been heard on NPR and Pacifica Radio and are collected in The Evening News. Other work includes Black Women for Beginners, four volumes of poetry, the poetry w/ jazz CD Higher Ground, and Uncertain Ritual, a CD of short fiction. Will write for cookies. 


Instagram: @s.pearlsharp

Facebook: S. Pearl Sharp

Twitter: @s_pearlsharp


Halline Overby, Photographer


Halline "Haylow" Overby is a visual artist focused in creative digital media, videography, editing and design, and photography, both film & digital. With an extensive camera collection, Halline uses photography as a primary focus as a tool to document people, places, and spaces that are reflective of BIPOC experiences and stories throughout the world. A student of his craft, his is always looking for new opportunities to document while improving his life long love for photography and art. 


Instagram: @hay.low

Twitter: @Haylow

LinkedIn: Halline Overby

Exposition Park

Amani Holbert, Participating Artist


Amani Holbert is a Los Angeles based artist. Since receiving a bachelor degree in fine arts, she has been painting, illustrating, teaching, and involved in several public art projects in Los Angeles. In her art, she likes to capture the unique identity of the people who come from her community. A common theme in her projects aim to show the strength and perseverance of underrepresented individuals in visual form. As an artist and LA native, Amani will always feel a strong connection with the members of her community as she hopes to bring social awareness and understanding through art. 

Instagram: @amaniholbert


Kayla Shelton, Participating Artist


Kayla Shelton is a painter, illustrator, and collagist based on South Los Angeles. She has always been drawn towards portraiture, the human form, and exploring interpersonal relationships in form. Her creative expression was born from her desire to record the culturally rich surroundings of her upbringing. This passion grew into adulthood, where she is now using portraiture to explore black identity, femininity, and sisterhood. Through her work she hopes to spark meaningful discourse around the stereotypes that surround black felinity and beauty within our culture. 

Instagram: @_kaylachelsea

Hyde Park

Moses Ball, Participating Artist


Moses Ball aims to create more public artists invested in beautifying and inspiring our communities. Whether his personal oil paintings or large pubic works, Moses strives to create images which are themed around social justice, the spiritual, community heroes and usually feature models from his community or the communities where his public works live. Most important is creating works from which he is invested emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.


Instagram: @mosestheartist 

Twitter: @MosesBall

Dezmond Crockett, Participating Artist


Dezmond Crockett, aka Dezmundo, began his artistic career in 2014 after joining a non-profit organization called Pieces where he developed his craft in fine arts through acrylic portraiture and presenting in many shows in association with and directly through Pieces. In 2018, Dezmond hosted his first solo exhibition with a series titled Muse 21 and would go on to do various commissions, murals, and personal projects until taking on his craft full time at the end of 2020. 

Instagram: @_dezmundo_

Leimert Park

Brittney Price, Participating Artist


Brittney S. Price is a Los Angeles based fine artist and muralist specializing in impactful visual commentary on current events. As a Black female American, Brittney's perspective of life is unique, her art brings representation for this often overlooked demographic. It is Brittney intent to uplift, celebrate, and teach her community using art as a vessel. 


Instagram: @brittneysprice

Facebook: Brittney Price

Noni Olabisi, Participating Artist


Noni Olabisi is an artist and muralist with over 25 years experience, receiving many awards for her public art commissions. She was a recipients of the California Community Foundation Individual Artist Fellowship to further her career as an artist. Her murals have appeared on television, music videos, movies, the cover of The LA Times Weekly, also appearing in a PBS documentary feature Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., a well respected scholar, and in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and published in number of books. 


Floyd Strickland, Participating Artist


Floyd Strickland is an emerging multi-disciplined artist from Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from his childhood environment, Strickland often uses realistic figures that are juxtaposed with cartoons creating dream-like paintings. Strickland is currently working on a series of several large scale paintings that attempt to depict the courage and strength of the young people of color growing up in today's political climate. That elicit thought and discussion about the paintings by adding deliberate symbolism that many young people might consider to be vague. He suggests aspects of African American culture are often vilified until its is adopted, because of this, it's important to continue to display culture in its truth as well as its beauty and authenticity. 

Instagram: @floyd_strickland

Thank you to our partners for making WE RISE possible: 

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WE RISE: Art Rise is supported, in part, by: 

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