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Lead Visual Artist and Associate Artist

USC/EXPO Good Neighbors Local Strategies to Address Climate Change Art Project

A project of LA Commons

LA Commons seeks 1 lead artist and one associate artist Mid February- May 2023. LA Commons develops artistic and cultural projects that reveal the unique stories of L.A.’s neighborhoods and engage visitors through cultural tours. LA Commons is partnering with USC, Expo Center, USC Architects, and local High Schools to create a wellness and Local Strategies to address climate change and food security Art Project. Project partners include: USC Good Neighbors, USC Arts in Action, and Expo Center. 

The artwork will share stories of South LA Residents connected to sustainable practices and food. The purpose is to share community stories and information about wellness resources, sustainable local practices, and food resources. The outcome will be both a visual art mural or installation .The Lead Visual Artist and Associate Artist will direct a team of youth artists (ages 15-25 years). Workshops, story gathering and design will take place at Expo Center, though there may be a few online sessions. In the weeks prior to the workshops, the youth team will be working with USC undergraduate architects to design green spaces to promote wellness and sustainability in the community. 

The Role of the Artist in this project will be: 

  • To participate in the story/image gathering process with the community arts team. 

  • To mentor the Core Youth Arts Team to further youth in the development of skills in image making and design. 

  • To complete the design approval process and the final artwork with the youth artists. 

  • To attend the Opening Celebration 

Project Timeline 

February- March Story Gathering and Information gathering 

March – Design 

April – Completion of Design and final art 

May – Complete final art, Install, Public Awareness campaign and celebration

Artist Qualifications 

  • Experience in visual art and public art 

  • Experience working with youth and community 

  • Connection to South LA Expo Neighborhood 

  • Interest and experience in a collaborative art process 


$3000 Lead Artist Fee; $2000 Associate Artist Fee This fee includes leading youth art workshops, design, design approval process, and completing artwork. The supplies, youth mentor and youth stipends are part of an additional budget. 


The deadline for application is Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

1. Current resume and contact information 

2. 5-7 Work Samples via email or web links 

3. Artist statement to include: Interest in the project, Connection to South LA, and additional info if applicable.


To Apply, click this link: 

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