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Creating Our Next LA is about tapping the superpower that we all possess, our imagination. With the help of the most imaginative among us, artists and youth, we can unleash our abilities to envision what we want to see and to advocate to make this reality come true.


To take part in this process, we invite you to join or host a story circle to share stories of challenges and triumphs in these pandemic times.


Together we will identify how we are moving forward and what we need to make things better on the other side.


We know from experience the power of this approach to enable everyone to feel connected, purposeful, and more hopeful about the future.



Hosting a circle is a great way to proactively create the change we seek. Gather family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and new connects for a Zoom chat with the purpose of envisioning our next LA. Partner with us to create an artistic vision for a place in which everyone thrives.


Download our Story Circle Guide for instructions.

Fill out this form if you are interested and we will follow up to help you prepare.

Host a Circle

Join a Circle

LA Commons believes in the power of sharing stories to generate awareness, inspire compassion and enable us all to better understand the issues that impact our communities. 


Regardless of race, economic and social status or conditions, everyone is needed to bring our visions forward and play a role in bringing them to life.

Fill out the form and we will follow up with opportunities.

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