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Lead Visual Artist and Associate Visual Artist

Gladys Park - Skid Row Murals

A project of LA Commons

LA Commons seeks one Lead Artist and One Associate Artist for March - June 2022 to work with Skid Row Community Artists to collect stories, lead workshops, and design and create murals for Gladys Park. The mission of LA Commons is to engage communities in artistic and cultural expression that tells their unique stories and serves as a basis for dialogue, interaction and a shared understanding of Los Angeles. 

Project Partners include: LA Department of Parks and Recreation, Skid Row Park Advisory Committee, LA Poverty Department Theater, LA Downtown Women’s Center, and LA CAN among others. The goal is to involve and engage community members to generate artwork that beautifies the park while recognizing and reflecting the dynamic Skid Row community.  The art outcome of the project will be one "permanent" and one "temporary" art work for Gladys Park. The Gladys Park mural will be specifically focused on remembering neighborhood leader and activist, General Jeff. 

The Gladys Park arts team will include one lead artist, one associate artist, and 12 community residents. The lead artist will be a professional artist who has a connection to the Skid Row area. The associate artist will also be connected to the community, who is emerging and/or would like more experience with public art. The Community Arts team is open to anyone who is interested in art, willing to participate in the story gathering and design process and who can attend the weekly workshops. Community Arts team members receive stipends for their work. 


The Role the Artist in this project will be: 

  1. To participate in the story/image gathering process with the community arts team. 

  2. To mentor the Core Community Arts Team to further community members in the development of skills in image making and design. 

  3. To complete the design approval process and the final artwork with the community artists. 

  4. To attend the Opening Celebration 


Project Timeline 

Mid - March – Story Gathering 

April –  Design workshops

May – Complete Design and approval Process 

June - Paint murals

Artist Qualifications 

  1. Experience in visual art and public art 

  2. Experience working with community 

  3. Connection to Skid Row Neighborhood 

  4. Interest and experience in a collaborative art process 



$3000 Lead Artist Fee; $2000 Associate Artist Fee This fee includes leading youth art workshops, design, design approval process, and completing artwork. The supplies, youth mentor and youth stipends are part of an additional budget. 

To Apply: Please fill out this google form application by March 10, 2022

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