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The Art of Well-Being: Now on a Bus Bench Near You

Last year, the Mayor’s Office and the City’s Cultural Affairs and Emergency Management Departments came together to envision a wonderful and timely project to use the power of art to spread the message of COVID-19 safety, particularly in communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

We were lucky enough to be chosen to assist in realizing this vision and to partner with a stellar group of artists. The team included Alfonso Aceves, Moses X. Ball, Amani Holbert, Jose Lozano, Noni Olabisi and Eric “Cre8” Walker. Initially designed as a social media campaign, the art now has a second life as a bus bench campaign. So exciting! Congratulations to all our artists who created such amazing work!

Check out a few examples.

"This work represents staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. During these unpredictable times there is hope that we all can take initiative to protect ourselves and others."

-Amani Holbert

"As a husband and father my primary concern during this pandemic is protecting my family and myself FOR my family. As much as I mask up and wash hands and social distance, I depend on others to do the same. This is something we can overcome if everyone works together. Sometimes images are more convincing than words so I hope that these images inspire others to endure a bit of discomfort for the protection of others."

-Moses X. Ball

"I'm honored to be selected as an legendary artist to participate in creating art for the Covid 19 art series for people to enjoy visually and also to help stimulate thoughts of taking precaution along with the mandatory actions to help prevent this massive illness that has taken the world by storm. Through my art I plan to make a statement to make people think & be proactive so that they may remain safe. Remember "A picture can tell a thousand words".

-Eric “Cre8” Walker

"We are all here together, only through love and caring for each other can we protect our future. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and if you can stay home."

-Alfonso Aceves

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