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Tamica Washington Miller

Tamica Washington Miller

Tamica is a member of the legendary Washington family of artists in Los Angeles which includes the illustrious jazz musician, Kumasi. She is the daughter of the amazing dance pioneer, Lula Washington, founder with Tamica’s dad Erwin Washington of Lula Washington Dance Theater. Now the Associate Director of the dance company she has been a part of since childhood, going from student to member of the Youth Dance Ensemble to apprentice and then a Company Member. She has choreographed half a dozen works for the touring company and is well known as a soloist and leading dancer in such works as We Wore The Mask; Ode To The Sixties; Tasting Muddy Waters; Angelitos Negros and other works. And, she’s an incredible mentor to the next generation of dancers as she manages various programs at the organization and ensures its sustainability into the future..

Check out her work and a few interviews with Tamica here:

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