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Staff Spotlight: Beth Peterson

Meet Beth Peterson (she/her), Community Arts Program Director at LA Commons! Beth is originally from Minnesota but has lived in Los Angeles for 21 years. She has been working at LA Commons for 19 years.

What brought you to LA Commons?

Belief in the power of artists, youth and community to be an essential part of the transformation to better conditions for all.

What has been your favorite part about working at LA Commons?

Working with community, youth and artists - collecting stories and creating art.

LA Commons mission is to "engage communities in the creation of public art that tells their unique stories and serves as the basis for dialogue, interaction, and a shared understanding of Los Angeles."

What meaning does this statement have for you personally?

There is great genius and much to be learned and shared in each neighborhood. Community art and story sharing are amazing ways to uplift dreams in an inspiring way that furthers confidence, community, and the next action steps to make the dreams a reality - including a valued place for everyone.

Do you do anything outside of work? If so, please describe!

I am a puppet and mask artist, and printmaker, and love the great outdoors. I really enjoy creating giant puppets, shadow puppets, and masks for community events and performances. The imagery, movement, and music together can bring moments of wonder.

Where's your favorite spot in LA? Why?

Leimert Park, MacArthur Park, and Magic Johnson Park are all incredible spaces for community, art, and public spaces filled with stories and stories in the making.

What are you listening to/watching/reading right now?

I love reading mysteries - Marcie Rendon has a great series

We’re so happy to have Beth on the LA Commons team. Look out for future upcoming staff spotlights to meet our other team members!

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