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Recap: Fremont Wellness Festival

Last week The Fremont Healthy Culture Hub and LA Commons hosted the second ever Fremont Arts and Wellness Festival! Community members joined us for art activities, great food, resource tabling, food and plant giveaways, music and performances. 

Through our partnership with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, UMMA Community Clinic, and John C. Fremont High School, this festival aimed to activate the Fremont Wellness Center and Community Garden with a variety of resources and activities that promote health and wellness for youth and community members living around the Fremont High School area. 

Parents and community members who formed part of our Fremont Healthy Culture Hub Resident Advisor Committee played a key role in the preparation and day of the festival! Our resident advisors prepared decorations and pastries they learned to create in their 8-session art residency program. The garden was adorned with papel picado (perforated paper art) and paper flower arrangements, and the community enjoyed pastries donated by these parents and community members.

Thank you to our partners and everyone who was able to join us on such an amazing day! We are excited to continue offering wellness workshops for the Fremont community in the fall !

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