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Noni Olabisi - On Becoming

Noni Olabisi had the perfect opportunity during this time, a residency at South LA based Arts at Blue Roof. A solo show culled from the resulting series of paintings is on view by appointment at the gallery until Feb 13, 2022. As noted by the curator, the work moves “between abstraction and representation, hearkening to the complex subconscious well that lives within all of us.” Noni says about the work, “On Becoming is about the inner-child becoming visible, full of light, love, and imagination." This is just the inspiration we need right now - a reminder that there is always hope within us, we just need to dig deep to find it. Art, whether making or viewing, is a powerful tool to take us there. I can’t wait to see Noni’s show.

We’ve kicked off the year with a bang, through several University partnerships bringing youthful energy and dynamic insights to our work. We benefit so much from these institutions whether near or far, and we are grateful for the opportunity to create mutually beneficial collaborations.

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