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Meet our Wonderful Getty PST Collaborators!

LA Commons has joined the Getty as one of three Community Hub Partners! We will organize a series of dynamic programs titled We Are the Harvest and work with partner organizations in neighborhoods across South LA, including Willowbrook, Leimert Park and Historic South Central. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the lack of access to food—especially healthy food—in South LA. Therefore, We Are the Harvest will integrate agricultural arts and sciences with community gardens, urban farms, and local activism concerning food insecurity and environmental justice. The project will include an artist-designed interactive map that will connect the stories and civic activism of South LA urban farms, and it will culminate in community events across the region, highlighting local food vendors, artists, and cultural bearers. 

    Getty PST Artists

Michelle Glass is an artist and activist who stands alongside BIPOC communities to work together through collective actions to reclaim our ancestral histories and deepen our connections between Land + People. Her work is site, engagement, and community based and is deeply rooted in her personal history. She is a third generation Chicanx with Indigenous roots that comes from a legacy of ancestors who were land stewards.

We were drawn to Michelle's work as it so deeply connects communities to land and each other. Her work and practice not only engages communities directly in storytelling and advocacy, but also is inspiringly beautiful and moves us to imagine and work towards a restorative and healing world.

Terrick Gutierrez is an LA-based interdisciplinary artist, creative technologist, activist, and storyteller.

While growing up in South Central LA, Terrick began to draw at an early age as a form of escape. Keenly observant, he recognized the unique circumstances that he was presented with as a young Black male. In many ways, his work is a visual autobiography that reflects the struggle and resilience of his youth. In other ways, his work is imaginative, exploring and celebrating the beautiful richness of Blackness. 

We can't wait to start working with Michelle and Terrick on We Are The Harvest!

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