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Leading with Cultural Equity

In order of appearance: Janice Hahn, Hilda Solis, Holly J. Mitchell, Sheila Kuehl, and Kathryn Barger

Highlighting Holly J. Mitchell, President of the LA County Board of Supervisors

As we close out Arts Month 2022, we want to lift up our incredible LA County Representative and Board of Supervisors (BOS) President Holly J. Mitchell, who authored the motion to dedicate April to the arts throughout LA County. In her action, Mitchell recognized the impact that LA County’s Community Impact Arts Grant (CIAG) has had on social justice organizations and decided to get support from her colleagues on the BOS to build on this initiative. Her motion recognized the role of arts and culture in healing and recovery from COVID-19, and continues the County’s work of ensuring that all the benefits of, and opportunities provided by, the arts are available and accessible to all residents, no matter who they are or where they live.

She says about this work, “from mental health care to youth development programs, grantees of the Community Impact Arts Grant provide critical services and show the multi-purposeful role art plays in enriching lives. I’m proud of the support of the Board in recognizing and strengthening the important delivery system of services CIAG supports. The celebration of April as Art Month allows us to meaningfully recognize the impact of the arts in advancing social justice, healing, and the recovery of our communities.”

Through CIAG, LA Commons has had the great fortune to partner with Community Health Councils at Fremont High School Community Wellness Center to bring our Healthy Culture Hub model to life. Over the past four years, our work together has centered on leveraging the power of art and culture to empower students and the broader community to advocate for a more healthy, livable and vibrant neighborhood. Thank you Holly and the entire Board of Supervisors.


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