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Jimetta Rose

Jimetta Rose


Raised in church and choir from birth it is no wonder that soul jazz singer Jimetta Rose wanted to start a choir of her own. Inspired by groups like Rahsaan Roland Kirk's Vibration Society and Daughters and Sons of Lite as well as the messages in the music and lyrics of spiritual jazz masters Sun Ra, June Tyson, Andy Bey, and Pharaoh Sanders, Jimetta began writing songs and brainstorming on beginning a choir. This choir wouldn't be your usual gospel choir, it would be a funk, jazz and soul choir.  It's called Voice of Creation.

In a March 24, 2020 article in Los Angeleno Magazine, Daiana Feuer interviewed Jimetta about her response to the quarantine:

What are you stocking up on?

I am stocking up on tolerance, patience, empathy and self-care. I’ve found that even before the pandemic hit, my faith muscles were being strengthened and prepared for these daunting changes to our daily living. I find that focusing on what I can control helps me to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

I feel more hope in humanity when I am able to witness within myself those character traits that I would like to see more represented on the planet. The selfish and savage parts of people are showing in the face of this new desperation.

I’d like to hope that in finding like-minded, peace-centered humans to connect with while building new ways of being that I can continue to believe in this living enough to feel it as a blessing and not a burden.

I’m also about to start collecting and/or making adult coloring books. It’s a perfect shortcut to joy if you enjoy making a thing beautiful as I do. Finish a picture and — voila! A masterpiece!

I also keep buying single toilet paper rolls like it’s a secret scavenger hunt that I’m participating in.

What’s an activity you suggest to fill time?

Whatever brings you peace.

I’ll definitely be doing some art. I’m gonna try to pick my pen back up; I’ve had stories in mind that I’ve been ignoring, so I think I’ll take some time to write those down.

Most importantly I plan to:

  • Stay committed to finding and cultivating my own joy.

  • Working out this body of mine. Yoga body coming soon, yay! Hopefully, they lift the social distancing so I can stunt in these streets.

  • Wash my hands all the time and wash all my laundry every Friday.

  • Make more music.

  • Perfect my own fish caldo recipe. (Yum!)

  • And maybe sign up for online dating. If the world is gonna end, where’s my cuddle buddy?

Join Jimetta in conversation with Adunni & Nefretiti on

Sunday, August 23, 2020 at 11:00AM PDT:

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