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Happy New Year!

 A Look Back at 2023

We enter 2024 with trepidation. It’s only January 12, and already the year has been tumultuous and the upcoming election has us all on pins and needles!! Looking back at last year - I find hope! 

Despite the craziness in the larger world, we have been blessed to work with amazing people - artists, youth, community members, organizational partners, not to mention our board members and staff - who inspire us everyday.  2023 was an incredible year because our wonderful team is dedicated to the strong collaborations that are the secret sauce undergirding our success. Highlights from the past 12 months include activating powerful civic processes in all five of our legacy neighborhoods resulting in art that speaks to important issues such as safety, sustainability and health; showcasing the work of our community collaborators at a gallery exhibition sponsored by the Getty; and, surveying 1500 locals to identify the Cultural Treasures of South LA. We invite you to peruse our annual report to learn more and importantly, to consider how you’d like to get involved. We look forward to your engagement as we have always seen our charge as creating a place where Los Angeles could connect with itself.  And you will find hope too!!  Thank you for your past, present and future support!

Thanks, Karen

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