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Championing Mental Health in Fremont

The Fremont Healthy Culture Hub is a multi-year project by LA Commons created alongside various partners in an effort to activate the Fremont Wellness Center and Community Garden as a space for place-making for the community that lives and works around John C Fremont High School. Since 2021, youth, resident advisors, community organizations and school administration have been engaged in arts and culture programming and events that encourage intergenerational connections. This fosters the self-realization of the rich diversity and talents community members hold as artists and culture bearers in their neighborhood. These connections are directly correlated to participants’ emotional wellbeing and expressed improvements to mental health.

Through artist residencies spanning from cultural movement and dance workshops, healthy cooking, yoga, stretching, visual arts, photography projects, and leadership training—to name a few—students, parents and resident participants have shared the impact of community building each workshop brings to them. “Even though I’m not a parent or student, I feel welcomed in this community. I come to the art workshops for my mental health,” shares a participant. To celebrate the communities’ participation in this year’s programming, events and final art works, LA Commons, LA Neighborhood Land Trust and the UMMA Clinic will host the 2nd annual Fremont Art and Wellness Festival at the Fremont Wellness Center and Community Garden. Students, parents and community members are excited to showcase their final works of art, their learnings and above all else, encourage others to join the Fremont Healthy Culture Hub!

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