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Celebrating Hispanic American Heritage Month

The month of September 15- October 15 we celebrate the unique voices and experiences of Hispanic/Latino Americans and recognize their history, journeys, and achievements.We have been proud to serve the latino community in South LA for the last two decades and are proud to tell their stories through community art as well as provide artist and youth artist opportunities to translate their lived experiences into beautiful community art. We’d like to spotlight two of our partnerships with organizations that work with us through our work serving the latino community.

Partner Spotlights


The Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) is an organization located in Los Angeles that provides different programs and services to a diverse community located in MacArthur Park. We have been a partner with CARECEN from 2003 to the present day in implementing bilingual youth art programs that create opportunities for youth to tell their community’s stories. The art is usually displayed in the local park which is a centralized area in the neighborhood. Neighbors gather to enjoy cultural food sold by street vendors or a space to hang out.

Through the pandemic, CARECEN and LA Commons provided opportunities for youth artists and community members to share their stories through the neighborhood story connection. Through these programs, we’ve been able to work with incredible artists like Sonia Romero and Alfonso Aceves

Rising Communities

Rising Communities has partnered with LA Commons to lift local social justice efforts through arts-based community engagement and activism. This partnership brought together local artists to work with students and community members to create Fence Medallions in 2019. Every year since, we’ve been able to collaborate on this project, brightening Avalon Ave with co-created medallions.

This initiative embodies a shared vision for a healthier community and harnesses the transformative power of art to create stronger connections among our neighbors. Together we will foster artistic leadership skills and provide training to 20 youth artists and adult community artists to turn community ideas into impactful public art.

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