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Call for Visual Artists!

LA Commons and The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art partner to create a Mural!

Call for Visual Artists

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art and LA Commons Partner for a Community Mural Project

LA Commons is partnering with the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art to commission a temporary community mural to be installed on fencing at the Lucas Museum construction site in EXPO Park. LA Commons and the Lucas Museum invite you to apply to collaborate and guide participating youth in the creation of original artwork for a community mural project.

LA Commons develops artistic and cultural projects that reveal the unique stories of L.A.’s Neighborhoods and engage visitors through cultural tours. Based in EXPO Park, the Lucas Museum is a non-profit museum committed to exploring and celebrating the power and significance of visual storytelling. The museum will feature an unprecedented range of visual art forms, including paintings, illustrations, comic art, digital art, photography, and murals, along with an in-depth exploration of the art of filmmaking. 

The project will begin in mid-March and conclude in late May 2019, artists will direct a team of youth (ages 15-25 years) to design and create original artwork for a temporary community mural. LA Commons will digitally scale this artwork, which will be displayed on the Lucas Museum construction fencing located along Bill Robertson Boulevard. 

Learn more about the Lucas Museum at

Artists will:

Mentor youth artists in the development of image making and design skillsWork with youth artists on creating artwork based on participating youth designs Attend the culminating Celebration

Project Timeline

Project will begin in Mid-March, 2019 and designs will be completed by May 15, 2019. The work will be installed on the construction fencing shortly thereafter.

Artist Qualifications

Experience in visual (paintings, illustrations, comic art, digital art, photography, and murals) and public artsExperience working with youth and in the communityConnection to Exposition Park areaExperience or interest in a collaborative art process with youth and other artists


$3000 Lead Artist Fee.  $2000 Associate Artist Fee.

This fee includes leading youth art workshops, design development and finalization, and finalizing artwork. Supplies will be provided.

To Apply

Please submit the following materials to Beth Peterson The deadline for applications is March 12, 2019:

Current resume and contact information5-7 work samples via email or web linksAn artist statement (500 words or less) related to your interest in project, your connection to neighborhood, and any additional relevant information

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