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Call for Lead Visual Artist and Lead Photographer!

LA Commons seeks a 2 lead artists (1 Visual Artist and 1 Photographer) January - Mid March 2020. LA Commons develops artistic and cultural projects that reveal the unique stories of L.A.’s neighborhoods

and engage visitors through cultural tours. LA Commons is partnering with Building Healthy Communities South LA and CD Tech to engage a team of local artists and youth artists to collect stories from South LA Residents and to create artwork that contributes to efforts to resist gentrification and displacement and incorporates visions of community-centered change.

The artwork in the form of banners will share stories of South LA Residents connected to the issues, and will be displayed at a candidates forum in February, as well as to animate public meeting spaces with themes from South Central Rooted – A blueprint to dismantle multi-generational inequity and restore community health in South LA Lead Visual Artist and Photographer artist will direct a team of youth artists (ages 15-25 years). The team collect stories, create designs and prep designs for printed banners.

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LA Commons, a project of Community Partners, has worked in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles since 2003, facilitating artistic processes, open to all, that result in highly visible public art projects that tell dynamic neighborhood stories.

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