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Call for Artists!

MacArthur Park Lakeside Stories Visual Art Project

Application Due Tuesday, May 5, 2020

LA Commons is searching for 1 lead artist and 1 associate artist to work with a core Youth Arts Team (Age 15-25) to collect community stories, and to design and create public art for the park, that shares the stories. Youth Arts team members will meet weekly and be paid a stipend for their work. LA Commons will coordinate project partners, supply acquisition, workshop space and recruiting the Youth Arts team. The role of the lead artist with support of the associate artist, is to lead youth arts workshops, design the art work incorporating images from the team, and create the final art.

Due to the current COVID 19 situation, this project will take place in three parts between late April 2020 and December 2021.

Part one will include youth arts meetings, skills building and story circles through Zoom; Part two will involve in person story gathering and design; and part three will include final design, art making, fabrication, installation and celebration of the artwork. In addition to the art component, the team will contribute to ongoing efforts to increase neighborhood engagement with and beautification of the park.

Project Partners: LA Commons, MacArthur Park Recreation Center, CARECEN, and Volunteers of America, Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park and other MacArthur Park Stakeholder Organizations

The Role the Lead Artist/Designer in this project will be:

To participate in story/image gathering process and events with the group to inform the designs for the murals

To mentor the Core Youth Arts team to foster youth in the development of skills in visual art and design

To lead team in the creating and completion designs and design revisions for the murals.

2020-2021 Timeline

Part One: May-July 2020 Online Youth Arts Weekly workshops, virtual story gathering and design

Part Two: TBD In person workshops and story gathering and completing design process (

Part Three: TBD Workshops, Completing the final art work, installation and celebration

(This project is proposed to culminate in 2021 – each segment will be approx. 3-4 months)

Experience in visual arts and public art

Experience working with youth and community

Familiarity and experience with MacArthur Park

Bilingual Spanish/English speakers preferred

Compensation for the project (for entire 3 part project)

$6500 stipend for lead artist

$4000 stipend for associate artist

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