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Artist Spotlight: Noni Olabisi

Noni Olabisi is one of LA's most well regarded visual artists.

Artist and muralist with over 25 years experience, receiving many awards in recognition of her talents. Noni is a winner of the coveted California Community Foundation Visual Artist Fellowship, documenter of Los Angeles' black pride, she brings to her practice a deeply spiritual approach through which she manifests her incredible designs.

Her murals have appeared on television, in music videos and movies and on the cover of The Los Angeles Times.

We feel so lucky to work with this renowned master and all of the other artists that we get to call our partners.

We truly believe that artists through their creativity and imagination show us the way forward. That's what our work this year is about - Day of the Ancestors with the theme of Thiossane ("Cha-Sahn": Looking Back to Move Forward) ft. Noni and Creating Our Next LA. Join us to be part of the creative force.

- Help LA Commons continue to support local artists as they transform our neighborhoods and city.

Read our June 10th newsletter ft. Noni Olabisi

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