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Artist Spotlight: Adunni & Nefertiti

Meet Adunni & Nefertiti

2013 Festival of Masks International Artists in Residence

Adunni & Nefertiti is a multiple award winning all female singing group established in 2006. Their mission is to encourage and promote women’s artistic development in the genre of music. Adunnni & Nefertiti are queens with depth that are deeply rooted in culture and tradition. The women of Adunni & Nefertiti are beautiful inside and out and their music promotes the spirit of Africa. They take pride in praise and worship through song and circulate music to foster hope, love, peace, and harmony. Adunni & Nefertiti's most recent album is entitled “Ayeraye” which means eternity.

Tune in to our conversation with Adunni & Nefertiti. Take a break and listen in as we talk to the lead singer and founder Adunni to discuss the origin of the group, the secret to their success, and how artists are responding to COVID-19 in Nigeria.

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