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African American Historic Places Los Angeles

Last Month we kicked off the African American Historic Places, Los Angeles (AAHPLA), a joint project of the City of Los Angeles’ Office of Historic Resources (OHR) and Getty at St. Elmo Village in Mid-City. The kickoff spotlighted LA’s African American cultural heritage and announced five African American heritage sites being advanced for City landmark (Historic-Cultural Monument) designation!

AAHPLA seeks to advance the understanding, identification, protection, conservation, and celebration of the city’s Black heritage. It provides the opportunity to rethink historic preservation policies and processes to better support social justice and equity goals.This three-year project first began in 2021, through a public-nonprofit partnership in which local communities and cultural institutions have been able to offer critical insights concerning the history of culturally notable sites worthy of preservation throughout the city. Executive Director of LA Commons, Karen Mack is one of fifteen leaders in the local advisory committee that have provided advice and support to advance the project’s work.

Attendees learned about the project, met community leaders, historic preservation advocates, and cultural ambassadors, and shared personal connections to the places that are important to them. Legendary basketball player, social activist, and award-winning writer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shared his stories alongside business partner Deborah Morales.

Interested in telling your stories about African American places that matter to you? Join the preservation efforts and share your place-based story with the African American Historic Places, LA - Community Survey below:

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