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2023 LA Commons Interns

Each year we are blessed to receive a new cohort of interns through the LA County Arts Internship Program. We would like to extend a big thank you to the LA County Board of Supervisors and the LA County Department of Arts and Culture for gifting us with team members, who in their relatively short time with us, always have an outsized impact.

Meet Our 2023 Intern Cohort

Meet Peter Bonalos

Programs Intern

Peter Lopez Bolanos is from Los Angeles California he’s currently attending Cal State LA and working towards a B.A. in Public Relations. He's passionate about mentoring youth, art, and all things that involve creativity. His goal is to finish school and continue furthering my career as an artist and in public relations.

"During my time at LA Commons I am looking forward to the opportunity to not only foster meaningful professional bonds with fellow artists, but also to immerse myself in an environment that resonates with my passion for modern artistry. Growing up in Los Angeles, a city that pulsates with creativity and diversity, I am deeply committed to the idea that community and youth engagement play pivotal roles in shaping a brighter future." -Peter

Meet Kate Ariathurai

Operations and Special Projects Intern

Kate is a rising junior at the University of Southern California pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a specialization in Cybersecurity. Kate is involved in a variety of campus organizations including the Undergraduate Student Government where she serves as the Chair of the Academic Affairs committee, the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers as the Director of Outreach, and Delta Delta Delta where she is the Director of Risk Management and Wellness.

"During my time at LA Commons I am excited to work with such a talented group of people and to learn more about the operations side of the organization. I am also looking forward to engaging with different communities at each site and to contribute to the amazing art they are creating there!" -Kate

Meet Ulisses Barajas

Marketing and Development Intern

Uli is an LA native, filmmaker, and creative director with a fervent dedication to using his craft to amplify diverse voices and untold stories. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focused concentration in Marketing and Advertising from Cal State Dominguez Hills. When he is not behind the camera, he finds solace and inspiration in the world of cinema and adventure, immersing himself in a myriad of films that ignite his creativity and storytelling prowess.

"During my time at LA Commons, I am excited to utilize my background in film and advertising to create and capture the growth and impact of this organization. I'm eager to immerse myself in various departments and take part in diverse projects to expand my skills and knowledge. Being a South Central LA native, I am particularly passionate about using art to empower our youth and community, and I look forward to amplifying their stories and voices through my work here." -Uli


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