Artists and Communities Working Together for Change

Art is a critical tool to bring underground community stories to light and shift to a societal narrative that values everyone, not only the wealthy and powerful. 

Based on our powerful storytelling process, we plan a multiplatform campaign

led by artists and youth to create a vision for a post-crisis city where everyone thrives.

We will engage the transformative power of arts and culture to advance equity

in our communities and our city.  

We invite you to be part of the visioning and artmaking process by:

Sharing your stories and vision in a story circle

• Joining as a youth artist, youth mentor, artist or apprentice artist

• Becoming a media, advocacy, or funding partner

• Joining the planning, organizing and peer fundraising teams

• Sharing the campaign with your networks

• Making a donation

Phase I - Fall 2020 

Building campaign team, designing process, and fundraising 

Phase III - Spring 2021

Artistically rendering our stories and vision as an inspired call to action

Phase IV - Begin Summer 2021

Creative advocacy and organizing to shape an evolved city based on

our vision for the next L.A.

Join us to advance equity in our communities and our city and engage the power of arts and culture to make transformative change. Your contribution will help shape the future of L.A.!

For those who donate $50 or more, we would like to thank you with a handmade artwork. 


Artist Alfonso Aceves, who has mentored youth artists through LA Commons programs in MacArthur Park in partnership with CARECEN, is designing and screen printing a limited edition bandana for Creating Our Next LA.

Phase II - Winter 2021 

Sharing stories to explore and develop a vision for our next L.A.

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About LA Commons

LA Commons, a project of Community Partners, has worked in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles since 2003, facilitating artistic processes, open to all, that result in highly visible public art projects that tell dynamic neighborhood stories.

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