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Neighborhood Story Connection (NSC)


Our Neighborhood Story Connection (NSC) projects are developed by artists and local youth 15 - 25, building social capital and creating public artworks that illuminate local community culture, history and a vision of the future. The program specifically provides in-depth educational experiences and paid apprenticeships for at least 90 low-income youth each year, leveraging the power of art to further their artistic and leadership skills. 


Neighborhood Story Connection creates a space where stories and voices are heard and then transformed into public art that educates, empowers and enriches Los Angeles. LA Commons’ core audiences are youth, artists and community residents of all ages in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Los Angeles.


Together we create art that shares and uplifts our stories as Black, Latinx, immigrant and indigenous people. Our intentionality enables artist teams, staff and the work to be responsive to cultural and linguistic needs of youth and community members.





have the power to help meet the challenges facing our neighborhoods, through our sense of connectedness with the place and each other.


is an essential community resource. All communities possess local knowledge and local assets.

Expo park

have a leadership role to play in community development. Art is a powerful tool, to share stories and create change.


are vital participants in community development processes, their energy, hope, and creativity transcend the limitations of the past to envision new futures.


"My experience with the Family + Food = Love Current LA (project) at Ted Watkins Park was amazing. I loved communicating with the community during the interviews. The event brought me closer to the community."


-Youth Artist Dayon Castro

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