Seeking Finance Board of Directors Member for LA Commons

L.A. Commons is seeking a Finance Board of Directors member who will work with the governance team, including fellow board members and the Executive Director, to review financial data and make recommendations in order to increase effectiveness in support of the organization’s mission and programs. This board member will have specific responsibilities for:

• Communicating monthly with other board members about the organization’s financial situation within the context of the Board’s priorities
• Reviewing the organization’s resources and insurance policies for appropriateness and protection of assets
• Monitoring the organization’s limited purpose and protected funds.
• Provide oversight of financial recording keeping by Community Partners and LA Commons’ staff.

Desired Skills and Experience

• Experience in successfully managing nonprofit financial statements
• Practical knowledge to make recommendations for improvements in efficiency and effectiveness accordingly
• Understanding of general accounting principles.
• Three years of experience serving on the board of other nonprofit organizations.

Board members meet once per month in person for two hours, usually the third Saturday of the month. All members serve on at least one committee, such as the Finance Committee. All board members volunteer at least 4 hours each month. Board membership begins with initial one-year term that can be renewed for three years and then two years for a total of six years, all pending approval of the board.

About L.A. Commons

L.A. Commons, a project of Community Partners, works in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles; facilitating artistic processes, open to all, that result in highly visible public art projects that tell dynamic neighborhood stories. L.A. Commons builds community by validating the importance of local narratives, enhancing the sense of belonging felt by a broad range of stakeholders and encouraging stronger ties between the people and places of Los Angeles.

Developed by artists in collaboration with local youth, our Neighborhood Story Connection projects create a genuine artistic expression that illuminates an important aspect of the community’s culture or history. Trekking LA provides an opportunity for visitors from other parts of Los Angeles, and tourists from outside the region, to discover and experience these arts and cultural projects, as well as the authentic food, music, festivals and rich cultural history of the communities. From sampling barbecue in neighborhoods across Los Angeles, to listening to jazz music and watching dancing from around the world, these tours spur both increased cultural interaction and economic activity. Through these two inter-connected and integrated programs, LA Commons pursues its mission of educating, empowering and enriching neighborhoods, while promoting greater understanding, engagement and connectedness for all residents of, and visitors to, the city of Los Angeles.

Please Contact Karen Mack at or 213.705.4457

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