Trekking LA Tour Series set to Launch Sunday with San Pedro Tour Led by Local

Trekking LA Tour Series set to Launch Sunday with San Pedro Tour Led by Local
First of 35 tours led by trained neighborhood docents throughout the summer

What: On Sunday, May 20, 2012, the non-profit L.A. Commons—with the mission to connect people across Los Angeles’ vast metropolis through the artistic, social and cultural projects that celebrate the unique stories of L.A.’s neighborhoods—will launch the sixth in its series of Trekking LA tours. But this year is different as the tour guides, rather than being staff of LA Commons, are a cadre of trained neighborhood docents from across the city. The series launches on Sunday at 10:00 with a tour by Angela Romero at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro. Angela has a fascinating story in that she has walked every street in her neighborhood and that forms the basis of her encyclopedic knowledge of the area. Angela’s tour will take participants back to the time when the area was the upper reservation of Fort MacArthur. Tour goers will also enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views surrounding the Korean Bell and come within arms distance of Seals and Sea Lions as they get rehabilited at the Marine Mammal Care Center. The walk will end with a rare tour of the art epicenter of San Pedro, Angel’s Gate Cultural Center.

Full info and signups for the tour can be found at:

LA Commons seeks to connect communities across the L.A. landscape through quality interactive experiences, encouraging people to (re)discover and learn about the various neighborhoods they pass by on the freeway everyday. Trekking LA. is supported by the California Arts Council, The GoldHirsh Foundation and The California Consumer Protection Foundation. WHO: In the sixth season, Trekking LA Tours have guided hundreds of people on walks in Los Angeles’ culturally rich and undiscovered neighborhoods to experience the art, stories, food and wonderful people found there. L.A. Commons, a project of Community Partners, works in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, facilitating artistic processes, open to all, that result in highly visible public art projects that tell dynamic neighborhood stories. L.A. Commons builds community by validating the importance of local narratives, enhancing the sense of belonging felt by a broad range of stakeholders and encouraging stronger ties between the people and places of Los Angeles.

WHEN: Sunday, May 20, 2012

WHERE: Tours are neighborhood specific.

COST: The tour costs $10.

INFO: For additional information, please visit or contact Karen Mack at karen@lacommons or 213-705-4457.

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