Tia Chucha’s Café and Centro Cultural

July 17, 2005


Participating Artists: Michelle Avila, Oneida Duenas, Mario Torres, Antonio Tovar, Celia Contreras, Monica Sandoval, Rosie Torres, Carla Fergadiotti, Michael Giles, Juan Pueblo, Israel Velasco

Program Partners: : Sylmar Medical Center, City of LA Neighborhood Matching Fund,Tia Chucha’s Café Cultural, City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department

Project Support provided by: Sylmar Medical Center, the City of LA Neighborhood Matching Fund, Tia Chucha’s Café Cultural and the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department

Sylmar, on the northeastern edge of LA, is mostly known for a major earthquake that struck there in 1971. Yet, like most neighborhoods in the city, Sylmar is full of interesting stories and people who tell them. During our recent community art process, we met two of the area’s most interesting characters. Luis Rodriguez writes poetry and prose and is the founder of a key cultural hot spot in Sylmar; you can meet him and visit Tia Chucha’s Café, which is names after the aunt that inspired him to dream. And there is 87-year old Ambrose Meyer, whose fanciful sculptures out of scrap metal, horseshoes, cacti, and other found objects coverer his two-acre property and leave visitors in awe of his amazing creative spirit. Join us for an afternoon of art, inspiration, and conversation with people from all around the city. Dinner is included.