Do The Math

Participating Artists: Khari Scott, Alvaro   Marquez, Olatunde Kosoko, April Bey, Rafael Cardenas, Neneki McGee, Dewey Tafoya, Eric Benavides, Erika Gonzalez, Cindy Gutierrez, Brian Lozoya, Karla Mayorga, Jathan Melendez, Jaime Perez, Beatriz Quinonez, Marcos Ramos, Evelin Rivas, Quran Thomas, Jairo Tomas, Sharon Villalobos, Cameron Williams

Program Partners: Building Healthy Community Hub in South Los Angeles, Community Coalition, SCOPE , Powerfest, Sharon Villagran and Devi Ramirez

Not surprisingly, poll after poll finds that Californians want to be safe and healthy and have access to good schools and opportunity for their children. But if you look at where California tax dollars go, State priorities don’t line up with these values. For example, in the State, $62,300 a year is spent to keep one inmate in prison, and just $9,100 per year is spent per public school student.  To raise awareness about this discrepancy, LA Commons youth created work that examined current spending priorities, asking the question whether they add up to a healthier and more successful California.

Funding for the program was provided by the California Endowment and their public education campaign called “Do the Math”.