Puzzle Pieces

June 29, 2012

MacArthur Park

2230 W 6th St,

Los Angeles, CA 90057

Participating Artists: Sonia Romero, Jayra Acevedo, Bryan Aguirre, Cristian Andres, Dillan Garcia, Elizabeth Gomez, Juana Gutierrez Espinoza, Uriel Maldonado, Joseph Martinez, Lizandro Mendoza, Estela Miguel, Adan William Solis, Emanuel Castellanos, Elizabeth Guzman and Devi Ramirez

Program Partners: LA Commons, CARECEN, Mama’s Hot Tamales, Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park, The Office of LA City Council Member Ed Reyes, MacArthur Park Recreation Center, Miguel Contreras HS, RFK High School and the ReDiscover MacArthur Park Coalition

Project Support provided by: Ed Reyes, Andrew Ho, Sandra Romero

The MacArthur Park Puzzle Pieces, a light pole medallion community art project is the latest in a series of temporary community arts projects installed yearly and produced by LA Commons in partnership with Mama’s Hot Tamales Catering, CD 1, CARECEN and MacArthur Park stakeholders since 2004.Funding for the project was provided by: the James Irvine Foundation, the Flourish Foundation, and the Office of Los Angeles City Council Member Ed Reyes.