Center for Nonprofit Management 501(c)onference 2015

From Tuesday June 2nd to Wednesday the 3rd, the Center for Non-profit Management held their annual 501(c)onference in Downtown Los Angeles for non-profit representatives to learn how to better their organization, and network with other non-profits from across the city. LA Commons provided a creative community building activity at the conference, with the mission of connecting non-profit professionals through an interactive art installation.

On the first day of the conference, our booth provided participants with “windows”, variously colored pieces of paper for participants to first fill in with a word or image that motivated them as an individual to create change. Next was added a word capturing the role of their organization in making change, and finally, a word or image that shared their vision for partnership with other organizations. We asked contributors to write their contact info on the back of their sheets of paper before posting them on the window in preparation for exchange of ideas to take place the next day.

On day two, the large glass wall we were using for the project was covered in dozens of colorful and inspiring “windows for change”. Participants were allowed to choose any window that resonated with them, and connect with the person who made it. Over time, as people took down windows even more went up, and slowly the wall became an organic, interactive art installation. In all, the installation took on a life of its own, and eventually drew a crowd of curious conference attendees. The enormous success of the activity was made possible by Arts Program Director Beth Peterson, intern Claire Astrow, and CNM Director of Education Julie Truong.


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