Spring Into Love Event

This passed week, I (Joseph, LA Commons intern) had the opportunity to attend the Spring Into Love event with Damorye (intern) and Astrid from LA Commons. This event consisted of several different high school students from schools in Los Angeles gathering together to learn more about sex education and how to practice safe sex. There were several booths set up from many different organizations that included key chains, water bottles, wrist-bands, and much more. Astrid, Damorye and I set up a booth at this event that had two maps of cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia in specific areas surrounding individual high schools in Los Angeles.

With these maps, we allowed the students to view them and pick an area that they are from or that they wanted to represent. They would then take a card and write down words of encouragement or their own ideas/solutions as to how the numbers could be reduced. The students then took special, heat shrinking plastic sheets and traced out the area of their choice. These tracings were then cut out of the plastic sheets and hole punched on one end for a key ring. The plastic cut-outs were then blasted by the heat gun and shrunk down to miniature size, making them perfect keychains. The students were allowed to take the miniature cut-outs to remind them to practice safe sex and strive for greater awareness of the issue.

I was very glad to be able to participate in this event and contribute towards the awareness of sexual diseases and the commitment to practicing safe sex. I believe that the students that we worked with at the event are now better educated and ready to make the right decision when it comes to sex. Again, it was a pleasure to take part in this event and help in the ways I did. I believe this event accomplished the goal of raising awareness and educating young students. I myself will remember it for a long time.