Environmental Charter Workshop

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in a project at Environmental Charter Middle School that has been going on since the fall. The session that I was able to help with was the final stage before the completion of the project. In this final stage, artists Beth Peterson and Alfonso Aceves along with Damorye and I (the current Azusa Pacific interns at LA Commons), spent the evening at Environmental Charter Middle School working with students to use stencils and apply spray paint to a series of words and patterns which we had cut out into stencils two days before.

The project began with Beth and 20 middle school students participating in a tour of the local wetlands led by 5 High School Environmental Students. The students spent the day learning about the Willows and drew images of the different insects, plants, birds, and animals that they saw and learned about. These drawings were then blown up and cut out from wooden panels. The students sanded down the panels and put a base coat on them. After the sanding and prior to the session I was involved with, volunteers from the surrounding community of the school gathered to draw up the patterns that were spray painted on the panels along with the words.

This art that the students, with the help of Beth, Alfonso, Damorye, and I created is going to be hung up with wiring on a new fence that is going to be built very soon around a newly achieved building owned by the middle school. We made it just in time for these spray painted, wooden panels to be placed on the fence.

It was a blessing to be a part of a project that these students will remember for a long time. By creating these art pieces, us and the students have instilled positive, encouraging words to remind the current and coming students of the importance of creativity and dedication to complete art pieces. All the children who participated in the creating of this art were all very excited about the process and I believe they gained great experience and knowledge of art and the natural environment that surrounds them. Again, this experience was very enjoyable and I was very happy to contribute to this good cause.

(Joe, LA Commons Intern)