FandangObon Workshop


On Sunday, October 5th, LA Commons co-hosted the second of five workshops for FadangObon at Nishi Hongwanji Temple. This workshop offered participatory music and dance traditions of Fandango from Vera Cruz, Mexico, which draws from African, Indian, and Mexican roots, and Obon, a Japanese Buddhist tradition in remembrance of ancestors, as well as Egungun, an African Yoruban tradition using mask-making, music, and dance to honor ancestors.  Featured below is Nigerian drum master, Najite Agindotan, leading a group of 8-10 people through the steps of the traditional dances.

Hi, my name is Morgan Mendoza and I am interning for LA Commons through Azusa Pacific University.  This was the first workshop of FandangObon that I attended and it was a very rewarding experience.  I loved learning the steps to the dances and the meanings behind them.  Najite is a very talented drummer who worked very hard to make sure everyone got the steps down and enjoyed the lesson.  I cannot wait to go to the next workshop and learn more dances and songs that these beautiful cultures have to offer!


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