Day of Ancestors: Festival of Masks Workshop featuring KiT

KiT Workshop

Last Saturday KiT gave the first workshop in the 3 part series they will be hosting for the 4th Annual Day of Ancestors Festival of Masks. As their alter ego KiT Tradishonal they began to provide the history behind Tambu along and how the people from Curacao incorporated the the rhythms into their daily lives.

In some instances song and dance was used as an inspirational tool to aid them as they toiled in the fields to harvest sugar cane and corn.  The other musical portion of the workshop was conducted by Najite, a master drummer from Nigeria, who led participants in two traditional Yoruba songs. Lastly, our LA Commons artist Mark,leader of the the city of bones, led everyone in the Negro Spiritual Wade in the Water. Following these sections musical and theatrical sections our youth artists dove back into their work constructing the masks and costumes they will sport during the procession during the Day of Ancestors Festival of Masks on June 29th.