MacArthur Park Story Summit

April 24, 2014 –

Close to 300 people gathered in MacArthur Park in the late afternoon to share good food, music, dance and the stories of their lives and community. Young people with clipboards in hand and questions at the ready moved about the crowd interacting with a truely wide-ranging and diverse section of the MacArthur Park nieghborhood.

There were dishes supplied by Mama’s Hot Tamalesand Tribal Cafe, and water donated by Langer’s. The Xipetotec Aztec Dancers performed along with the MacArthur Park Elementary VPA (Visual Performing Arts) dancers. Later Raices Peruanas played traditional and contemporary Peruvian based music. DJ Don Thomas spun tunes between the live performances, and lead artist Alfonso Aceves displayed a sample of the proposed artwork, based on traditional papel picado paper cuts.