What’s YOUR LA River Story?

“Stick Race,” a friend responded when I asked her about her favorite memory of the river. “What’s that?” I asked. “You know, you and your siblings drop sticks in the river and then see whose stick gets to the finish line first.”

When I think about what a childhood in Los Angeles might look like, I don’t imagine Stick Race. Being an Angelino is complicated, every Angelino has their own cognitive map of the city – a map of favorite restaurants or routes from home to work, maybe your map includes the mountains or the beach. But, how many of us consider the river in our map of Los Angeles? With so much discussion regarding the LA River these days, it seems strange that Angelinos are left with little vocabulary to talk about it. Do we know it through the races and chases so often represented in media?

Do we know where its tributaries end and the river begins?

KPCC has sent out a query to the public to find out, “What is your LA River story?” Submit your response here and get your thoughts brewing before FOUND LA 2013: Festival of Neighborhoods explores the “The River of Your Imagination.”

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