2nd Annual Powerfest Recap

It was a hot Saturday in South LA, yet Martin Luther King Park was a flurry of activity as hundreds of people gathered for the Second Annual Powerfest hosted by Community Coalition.


The park was a sea of white poster-6852booths, as many organizations came out to provide people with information related to supporting and fostering healthy living within their community. There were booths with samples of healthy food, a photo booth that allowed members of the community to share what healthy living means to them, and cooking demonstrations teaching healthy recipes. Guest musicians Goapele and Buyepongo provided entertainment on the stage, while a crowd of people put their healthyLA COMMONS WHOOOO living into practice while dancing to the music.

Students from Fremont High School, Academy for Multilingual Arts and Sciences, and the Expo Center used this as an opportunity to interview the community about health for their upcoming murals. Collectively they interviewed over fifty people and were able to hear many amazing stories. Members of the community talked about their love and pride for their neighborhood, yet how they wished organic foods were more affordable, that the fast food joints on every corner would be replaced by more healthy options and that safer parks and gardens could be created.

Most importantly, the Festival provided an opportunity for community members to enroll in and become more educated about Obamacare. Mayor Eric Garcetti, who made an appearance at the event, said that, “today, 5 million Californians don’t have health insurance.” This event was monumental because it provided an opportunity to change that, and in turn change lives.

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